Adobe Cloud vs Desktop: why choose the cloud?

Adobe’s cloud-based products as part of the Creative Cloud suite have enormously increased your options for accessing your creative content using apps including as PhotoShop, InDesign, Illustrator, Acrobat, Premier Pro, Lightroom, and Dreamweaver.

By using offline donated Adobe software, you benefit by paying only the admin fee to access the product with no ongoing costs.

The downside, however, is that work created in your offline Adobe products lives locally on your computer, limiting the options for sharing content and collaborating with colleagues.

We explore some of the top reasons why charities might choose to go to the cloud over the desktop apps.

You can access your files from any device

Adobe Creative Cloud for mobile enables you to manage your creative content easily on mobile and tablet devices. You can sync files from your computer to the Creative Cloud and access them instantly on your phone and other linked devices through the Creative Cloud desktop app, while your original documents remain on your computer.

Creative Cloud for mobile allows also allows you to annotate and share your screenshots.

(might add bit more about the benefits of accessing Adobe products from any device)

You can flexibly edit PDFs

If you are using Adobe Acrobat Pro DC, working in the Cloud provides extra flexibility, letting you create, manage, view and comment on PDFs on your computer, tablet, phone or in your web browser.

Working in the cloud allows you to complete, sign and send forms quickly using information from the autofill data on your computer or device – handy while on the move. You can then monitor activity on documents sent for viewing or signing via either your desktop computer or mobile device.

Using Acrobat Pro DC also allows you to access your content in the Cloud and convert Photoshop, Illustrator or InDesign files into PDFs on either your computer or device.

Adobe takes complete care of security

When you sign up to Adobe Creative Cloud, you create an Adobe ID to ensure security and also to personalise your product. That’s why when you order a new Adobe non-profit subscription through tt-exchange, you must create a new Adobe ID to go with it.

Like all big-name cloud vendors, Adobe are held to the latest standards for keeping your data secure, with all the latest security protocols in place so you don’t have to worry about what might happen if you are hacked or something happens to the servers under your control – it’s in their hands.

They don’t go out of stock

Adobe provide their desktop products from a limited stock of licenses. When the stock has depleted, we need Adobe to release further stock, so there is often a period of waiting.

The cloud-based products don’t come with any stock limits and are always available, so you know you’ll always be able to access the latest versions.

Seaworld is a New Concept Theme Park

The theme park industry is famous for using cutting-edge wizardry to convince guests that they have actually stepped into fantasy land. In fact, the main types of attractions have been around for decades which sets a surprisingly high barrier for breaking new ground. This is the challenge that SeaWorld in Orlando set itself over the past two years and it has made quite a splash.

New York-listed SeaWorld Entertainment operates three parks in Orlando including its eponymous flagship which attracted 4 million visitors last year according to the Themed Entertainment Association Global Attractions Attendance Report. It shows that a further 1.4 million visited SeaWorld’s neighboring water park Aquatica with at most 500,000 tickets sold to its all-inclusive family resort Discovery Cove. It caps attendance at around 1,300 guests per day and offers them exclusive experiences such as swimming with dolphins.

Although SeaWorld’s marine life makes it unique, it holds its own against its rivals when it comes to thrills. Turtle Trek is one of the most spellbinding rides even though it doesn’t actually move at all. Standing in the middle of a giant dome, guests don special 3D glasses with lenses which wrap around the sides. They make the footage seem to pop off the walls of the dome in all directions as it becomes a wrap-around cinema screen. At one point a school of fish seems to pass right through the middle of the room as the images can be seen wherever you turn.

Another surprise is the Empire of the Penguin indoor trackless ride which weaves around mock icebergs and stops in front of screens to tell the story of a young penguin’s life in the wild. It tilts in time to the action and a strong smell of fish even wafts in. The proof of its authenticity comes at the climax when the ride cars pull up just inches away from real-life penguins which dart in and out of a giant tank.

Despite its family favorites and marine life, SeaWorld has gained a reputation for thrill-rides and, perhaps more than anything else, they fuel its attendance. “The design team worked diligently from concept development, through the facility and ride design, and into construction to complete Infinity Falls in about two years.” They are riding the crest of that wave now but it sets the barrier even higher when it comes to dreaming up SeaWorld’s next crowd-puller.

Why Origins is the Leading Beauty Brand

Origins is world-renowned for leading the way in natural beauty essentials. Their minimal, natural-based approach sets them apart from other beauty companies out there, and by returning to nature to extract robust and miraculous ingredients, they have revolutionized the beauty industry. We interviewed Lizz Star, the Executive Director of Global Product Development, and got the inside scoop on how the company creates their all-star products and the latest trends in natural beauty. From mushrooms to bamboo charcoal, we find out how going back to nature can help create the future of skin care.

The amazing powers of nature are at the heart of everything we do at Origins. After all, it’s the primary source of our signature ingredients. They have numerous benefits for the skin and beyond. In fact, did you know that about 80% of the world’s medicine is derived from plants? From hydration to anti-aging, plants provide a range of potent skin benefits that allow us to discover the extraordinary in the ordinary.


We love to look for parallels in nature as a source of inspiration. Nature is a better chemist than man. For example Rose of Jericho (the signature element in Make A Difference) is a dry, tumble weed-like plant that springs back to life with just a sprinkle of water. We transpose that same adaptive strategy to skin where it functions as a “moisture holder” to restore hydration to dry, dehydrated skin. We want to bring a sense of wonder, wisdom, and well-being to the way beauty is experienced.

All our products are made with the good stuff. We use plants from land and the sea, as well as natural minerals. Our beautiful scents come from pure essential oils.

Origins is on the cutting edge of product and ingredient innovation that target our consumers’ most prevalent skin care concerns. For instance, we developed the Original Skin™ collection as the first millennial targeted high-performance product created for “quarter-life skin” concerns.

Building on the success of the initial Original Skin collection launch, we introduced the Original Skin™ Essence Lotion, developed with a powerful Dual-Ferment Complex. The Essence Lotion trend began in Korea where dynamic formulas leveraging the power of ferments were designed to be the first step in your skin care routine. Inspired by this beauty trend, we developed our Original Skin Essence Lotion to keep skin looking vibrant and healthy.

Another example of popular trends translated for beauty is our recently launched RitualiTea™ collection, our first-ever tea based collection inspired by the prolific matcha green tea trend taking over everyone’s Instagram feeds. Our Matcha Madness face and body masks feature a revitalizing blend of botanicals to help renew, relax, and restore skin’s texture while soothing and nurturing the senses with an herbaceous green tea scent.