Cremation Urn

cremation urn - sands

The cremation urn can be used to hold ashes before, during, and after the cremation service or for the journey to the special place a person will have their ashes emptied. People have the option of buying wood, metal, glass, ceramic, and even marble urns to store their ashes.

The practice of using an ash urn has become increasingly popular due to the wishes of people not wanting to take up unnecessary space after they pass on. For instance, a person can be cremated and later have their ashes thrown into a favorite lake or park.

You will also find that many people decide to cremate their pets these days. This option is more favorable than burying the family dog in the backyard or flushing the old goldfish down the toilet.

Below you will find links to the many different types of urns you may want to consider when making arrangements for yourself, your loved ones, or even your beloved pet.

Wooden Urns

Bronze Urns

Cast Iron Urns

Marble Urns

Ceramic Urns

ceramic urn

Infant Urns

Military Urns

Pet Urns

1. Cat Urn

2. Dog Urn

3. Horse Urns

4. Pet Cremation Jewelry


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