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While funeral has a usual setting it is Memorial Service that is where we can actually do exactly how we feel.

We’ve figured out some ideas for a memorial service outline but if you need further help in planning the memorial service please leave your details and we will take care of all your needs.

Memorial service in a cemetery

When having a memorial service in a cemetery we are asked to choose if we want to involve a priest or another religion representative. if so after his part in the ceremony members of the family and close friends would be asked to speak, if you are one of the speakers try remembering the good times, and not the bad memories you have. after this part, the service might be over with a minute of silence in memory of the person you’ve lost.

In my family we are not ending there, we are going to a restaurant, and in this part we celebrate the memory of our loved ones, sharing experiences and stories about our loved ones.  don’t limit yourself, any place might fit to share your happy memories.

Memorial service in a Church

If you and your loved ones follow the faith in Jesus, or any other kind of religious traditions, you should consider holding the memorial service at your place of worship. The ceremony would be similar to that of a cemetery, but in the end, you might have the reception at your place of worship. In the reception, you may consider sharing a happy story about your loved ones.

if you need help in having your loved one’s memorial at your church or any other place of worship contact us, so we can help.

Memorial service at home

Having a memorial service at home might make things feel less intimidating as you are all gathered in a place you know. it should allow a safer environment to share your love for those who passed away.

A memorial service outline for a home service would be a family member or a close friend sharing what he or she feels for the loved one who passed away, after everyone who wants to speak gets his or her moment, you can all start sharing memories from your time together, those stories would help everyone in coping with the loss.

In conclusion

Any of the options above may fit different people, and different cases, it is important to choose the one who helps you the most in coping with your loss.

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