Why Origins is the Leading Beauty Brand

Origins is world-renowned for leading the way in natural beauty essentials. Their minimal, natural-based approach sets them apart from other beauty companies out there, and by returning to nature to extract robust and miraculous ingredients, they have revolutionized the beauty industry. We interviewed Lizz Star, the Executive Director of Global Product Development, and got the inside scoop on how the company creates their all-star products and the latest trends in natural beauty. From mushrooms to bamboo charcoal, we find out how going back to nature can help create the future of skin care.

The amazing powers of nature are at the heart of everything we do at Origins. After all, it’s the primary source of our signature ingredients. They have numerous benefits for the skin and beyond. In fact, did you know that about 80% of the world’s medicine is derived from plants? From hydration to anti-aging, plants provide a range of potent skin benefits that allow us to discover the extraordinary in the ordinary.


We love to look for parallels in nature as a source of inspiration. Nature is a better chemist than man. For example Rose of Jericho (the signature element in Make A Difference) is a dry, tumble weed-like plant that springs back to life with just a sprinkle of water. We transpose that same adaptive strategy to skin where it functions as a “moisture holder” to restore hydration to dry, dehydrated skin. We want to bring a sense of wonder, wisdom, and well-being to the way beauty is experienced.

All our products are made with the good stuff. We use plants from land and the sea, as well as natural minerals. Our beautiful scents come from pure essential oils.

Origins is on the cutting edge of product and ingredient innovation that target our consumers’ most prevalent skin care concerns. For instance, we developed the Original Skin™ collection as the first millennial targeted high-performance product created for “quarter-life skin” concerns.

Building on the success of the initial Original Skin collection launch, we introduced the Original Skin™ Essence Lotion, developed with a powerful Dual-Ferment Complex. The Essence Lotion trend began in Korea where dynamic formulas leveraging the power of ferments were designed to be the first step in your skin care routine. Inspired by this beauty trend, we developed our Original Skin Essence Lotion to keep skin looking vibrant and healthy.

Another example of popular trends translated for beauty is our recently launched RitualiTea™ collection, our first-ever tea based collection inspired by the prolific matcha green tea trend taking over everyone’s Instagram feeds. Our Matcha Madness face and body masks feature a revitalizing blend of botanicals to help renew, relax, and restore skin’s texture while soothing and nurturing the senses with an herbaceous green tea scent.

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